“Losing Faith” (Single) by Jupiter Express

Track 17: “Losing Faith (featuring Benjamin James)”

Written by Radiohead, Jupiter Express, and Benjamin James
Produced and Engineered by Benjamin James
Additional Engineering by Judah
Mixed and Mastered by Scott Wambach @ The Room Recording Studio
Verse Vocals performed by Jupiter Express (Dizzy The Punk Rapper, Stealf Soulja, and SwayZ)
Acoustic Guitar and Chorus Vocals performed by Benjamin James
Piano performed by Tim Smile

Unfortunately, the final mix that was released to the public (See: Bandcamp player) wasn’t my final mix (See: top). My creative input and performance was largely the same/touched, but the engineer in me can really tell the difference, sonically. The group wanted to redo some vocals on a latter verse, and did so without consulting me to re-work the track accordingly before releasing it. Still, I was honored to be approached with this project – as a Radiohead fan and a friend of Dizzy’s!