Video: “Astray” by Let It Happen

Despite the somber and dramatic tone on film here, I had a blast while putting this project together with director Sean Highley. Sean’s a great friend and frequent collaborator of mine. For me, it was a fun experiment doing something dramatic that wasn’t related at all to any of my own personal projects. The music never played while we worked, in fact.. I’m not even really sure I knew what song we were doing this for when we started. I remember driving ALL over the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area – in some cases, probably 45 minutes to an hour from our homes, each for only about 20 seconds of footage. But that’s showbiz, baby! Also, Sean – I’m still sorry for dropping your camera bag under that transmission tower and spilling your lenses on that hillside in Kentucky! Whoops!

Directed and Edited by Sean Highley
Starring: Benjamin James

Note from Let It Happen:
“The story of this music video is built around it’s lyric “Remembering who I used to be.” This story works in conjunction with the series of single shot videos we did for the full-album stream on the InVogue Records YouTube channel. Our main character is returning to these places from his past, and reminiscing on their significance to him. In the end he is able to let go of the past and move on with his life, which is a lesson we can all learn from. We really enjoyed working on this video, and hope you enjoy watching it. From the album ‘Cause + Effect’ out now.”