“Heavy” (Single) by Benjamin James Howard

So after two decades as a writer, “Heavy” is Benjamin James Howard’s first release as a soloist. No pseudonym as camouflage. Last name in tow. The lyrical symbolism about overcoming one’s own tendencies to over-analyze is not lost on him, considering the song (and many more that will soon follow it) is from a trove of material that sat for years in self-imposed limbo. Nonetheless, the song has taken on additional significance this year, while the recent political and social climate around the US continues to occupy far too many of our collective brainwaves, it would seem he’s not the only one “waiting to be free.”

Music and Lyrics by Benjamin James
Vocals, Guitar, Piano by Benjamin James

Produced by Benjamin James
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mitch Wyatt
Additional Engineering by Benjamin James
Cover Photo and Layout by Taylor Malikowski