Video: “Heavy” by Benjamin James Howard

When the darkness of the night is too heavy and no number of sheep could clear the thoughts in your head, you might think you’re all alone in your melancholy. Benjamin James Howard’s “Heavy” will prove you wrong as it holds your hand through your darkest moments.

The acoustic song is soft and vulnerable as Benjamin wears his heart on his sleeve. As an overthinker himself, he knows what it’s like to wish you could turn the volume down on your thoughts. “I’ve dedicated the song to any fellow overthinkers,” he says as he chats about the tune.

Until today the story was only told through the melody. With the release of the song’s music video, it expands into a very real representation of mental health struggles. While he pleads to “be free from thinking too heavy”, we watch the unwelcome thoughts pile up—literally.

– Emillie Marvel, idobi Radio (SEE FULL ARTICLE)


Directed, SFX, and Edited by Sean Highley
Produced by Benjamin James
Graphic Design and Makeup by Taylor Malikowski